Grove Estate The Garibaldi Nebbiolo Shiraz 2020

Grove Estate The Garibaldi Nebbiolo Shiraz 2020


Country: Australia

Region: The Hilltops

Grape: Nebbiolo, Shiraz

Year: 2020

ABV: 14%

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The Nebbiolo grape has a grand and exalted Italian heritage, yet when its name is uttered, the Hilltops region of NSW is probably not the area that comes to mind. However, in this quiet corner of the Australian bush, this historic grape has found an unlikely home and been given a new lease on life; one unshackled from tradition. Under the careful eye of winemaker Brian Mullany, the recently planted Nebbiolo vines have been given the opportunity to experiment and the results are far more than could be imagined in the foothills of the Alps. 

This 50/50 blend of Nebbiolo and Shiraz was inceptioned ten years prior to its birth with a hope of how the two varieties could come together. The two previous years of 2018 and 2019 were in drought but the fires of 2020 topped it off with only a fraction of normal crop, but undaunted, this well-balanced wine was born. The fresh red berry flavours of the Nebbiolo blend perfectly with the soft peppery chocolate flavour of our finest Hilltops Shiraz. While these grapes might not come with a Barolo label, we're glad they've found a home in the Hilltops.