New Arrivals

New Arrivals

I know, I know. You’ve all been waiting with bated breath wondering where this newsletter has been for the past few weeks. All I can say in response is that as a comeback present, we have an unbelievable amount of good stuff that has come in over the past few weeks, with new arrivals, new categories and just general quality good stuff. Without going into my characteristic meandering (and I must admit often meaningless) descriptions of mystery and intrigue, I’m going to quick fire these off and then go into more detail in the coming weeks. 

First, for any of you sharp eyed shooters, you will have noticed that we now have a Fine Wine offering on the website. For those sitting there thinking that they’ll be clever and wait for these wine to be featured in our Wine of the Week with the corresponding discounts, you can stop right there as it ain’t gonna happen. The reason being is that the wines are already cracking value and I am confident that you’ll be hard pressed to find better prices on single bottles across the web of the wide world. Yes we will be giving you periodic descriptions and notes on the wines but the further discounts won’t be a feature, so get cracking now. 

Second and as promised in earlier emails, we have a stunning new array of Spanish wines that have hit our shelves from the good people of the Escudero family who have been making wine since 1852 (see the image above of Benito Escudero riddling away!). These range from a classic Cava and Crianza Rioja to a more experimental Spanish blend called the Logos II that has had many a wine critic getting excited. Luckily these wines escaped the antics of any rogue bandits breaking into the winery (but they did get delayed due to storms in the crossing).

Third, we now have a new Bin Ends section on our website that has, you guessed it, our bin ends. These wines are stunningly discounted and are in limited stock, so if you’re wanting to get your hands on some of these bad boys you better snap them up quick. 

Fourth, if you’re having a wedding, a corporate doo, a good old fashion party, or as the teens call it, ‘a gathering’, we have now started catering to large events and would be happy to talk to you about fulfilling your large-scale wine needs at a discounted rate. 

So yes, we’ve been busy. Yes, it’s all systems go. And yes, there is more info to come on the above and plenty more; so buckle up and hit that button below and get some quality juice in your glass.

Oh and my wife and I had a baby: serious antics.