Cava Carnage

Cava Carnage

French farmers have this week once again been up to their old tricks. Intercepting a lorry full of cava and rosé on its way to France, the farmers and winemakers in protest against the flood of cheap bubbly took it upon themselves to break into the back of the truck, take control of the precious cargo and smash it on the side of the road. 

Part of the farmers’ complaint centred on the ability of Spanish grape growers to use alternative methods for growing grapes including the use of certain fertilisers and chemicals allowing for a cheaper crop. 

But it didn’t stop there with Frederic Rouanet, the wine growers' union president for the Aude region, also taking aim at wine drinkers: "Let Paris know that the government bears a heavy responsibility for the drop in wine consumption and that they must compensate us accordingly." 

Someone should have suggested that the lorries be instead redirected to the UK, where wine drinkers are always happy to play the role of peacemakers. 

See the video of the carnage here.